A portrait of a child in the form of a database. The subject began by describing her toys. Each was assigned a category : Sometimes Toys, Stuffed Toys, Hard Toys, Minitoys, Other Toys. Descriptions and mug shots identified each item in the archive. Further explanations were judged necessary: The Adventures of Nogard, Detective, Mastougnia by Nogard, the cycle of the Mon Stories (which include the 10 first episodes, 11 more episodes, 6 special issues, 20 personal adventures and 4 full-length feature films). The database also houses drawings, Pokemon cards, letters to Santa Claus, jokes and games ("Adventure, Here We Come", the "Mastougniac Typewriter", "installations" or play set-ups).

At eight the subject decided that from then on her stories would be "Top Secret". To this day Nogard's Archives remain unfinished.

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Nogard's Archives, Continuous Projet Altered Daily Every Once in Awhile