"Jogging in the Square de la Roquette" comprises a large wall-sized projection, an exercice device for running in place just in front of it, a computer database, a videoprojector and a 3-D sound system. The visitor activates a sequence of projected images by changing her position on the rug, eg. by running in place. The photos show different views of a nearly deserted park. If she turns her body toward the left, she will turn lin that direction. She can also go right, continue straight on or turn around completely. As she makes her way through the park she hears voices. Sometimes they seem to be chatting together, unaware of her, at other times they seem to sense her presence: they either stop talking or change the subject. Occasionally someone calls out to her: "Hey, Bimbo!" Her answers provoke appropriate responses. She can stop to carry on a conversation or move on. The next time she comes within earshot she will probably run across the same character. If he had been a little stand-offish to begin with, he might become more aggressively hostile, depending on his personality and what transpired in previous conversations. Even after she has gone, the voices may repeat expressions she used, mention her name to other visitors. Sometimes, however, they can be downright dangerous. They sing to her in exquisite tones, sucking her into a trap that can lead only to shipwreck and despair. Unless, like Odysseus, she comes up with an alternative...

Bibliographie: "A Map Larger than the Territory: Jogging in the Square de la Roquette" (article published in ISEA 2002) PDF.


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