A Map Larger Than the Territory [ItiDex]

A market place for the exchange of itineraries, the Map is also a method of notation for participants to trace their itineraries online and a Web application capable of representing their subjective experience in the form of images and sounds. In a sense it is a "Map of Tender" charted by surveillance technology...

It will include:

+ A method of notation for participants to recreate and visualize their itineraries online using both data files they have uploaded and information available on the Internet.
+ A searchable database of urban itineraries.
+ A rescalabale map interface that allows one to view all the itineraries on file.
+ An online Rummage Sale for used itineraries, a networked Market where users can preview, download, buy, sell and exchange copyrighted, copylefted or trademarked itineraries.

Karen O'Rourke

Baghdad bomb shelter where 400 civilians were burnt to death. photo: Daniel B. Grünberg

The Map

Introduction [Australian aborigines find their way in unfamiliar country without using navigational instruments...}

Questionnaires [Write up an itinerary]

Traveling in English

Travelogues [Written itineraries, mostly in French]

Random Itinerary [by Yannick Bernède, in French ]

New York Body 'n' Soul Map

***NEW*** A Pixellated Spiral Walk and Some Screen-based Sightseeing

Ça marche ! =It walks/works! [A psychogeographic experiment in Fontenay-aux-Roses]


Mapping the Database [workshop Université Paris 1, November 2002]

Mapping the Database [article for OLATS-LEA PDF]

Bases de données : trajectoires et perspectives [article for Plastik - in French]

Artmedia VIII [Conference Paris Nov-Dec 2002]

PsyGeoConflux2003 [New York May 2003: annual event dedicated to current artistic and social investigations in psychogeography]

Social Fiction [cartographic sadism. gabber avant-gardism. disco socialism. peripatetic hedonism, autonomous spacetravel]

Karen O'Rourke