[A Map Larger than the Territory] New York Body 'n' Soul Map

New Yorkers! Send us your tiresome commutes, your everyday errands, your shopping sprees and secret shortcuts, your wrong turns, bike rides and bus routes. Write your paths through the city and we'll map them for you!

An online marketplace for the exchange of itineraries? A means of charting urban travels online? A web application capable of transforming subjective experiences into images and sounds? A "Carte du Tendre" drawn by surveillance technology? A Map Larger Than the Territory is all of these. Don't believe it? Try it !



The Map

Introduction [Australian aborigines find their way in unfamiliar country without using navigational instruments...}

New York Questionnaire [Write up an itinerary in New York ]

Questionnaires [Write up another itinerary]

Travelogues [Written itineraries]

New York Body 'n' Soul Itineraries

daily commute

Post-September 11th Walk


Random itinerary [Yannick Bernède]



Mapping the Database [workshop Université Paris 1, November 2002]

Mapping the Database [article for OLATS-LEA PDF]

Mapping the Database [article for Plastik - in French]

Artmedia VIII [Conference Paris Nov-Dec 2002]

PsyGeoConflux2003 [New York May 2003: annual event dedicated to current artistic and social investigations in psychogeography]

Social Fiction [cartographic sadism. gabber avant-gardism. disco socialism. peripatetic hedonism, autonomous spacetravel]

Karen O'Rourke